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Profile information about Manchester architectural & design photography studio GS Visuals + Co., capturing your creative visions in the built environment and design industry.

panorama view of skyscrapers in Shanghai China – Telling stories of space, design & people.

Fluent in English and Chinese,’ Creative Director, GU, has completed assignments around the world, including the USA, the Far East, Australia and landmark projects in many of Europe’s major cities. An award-winning photographer, GU has claimed awards from the Lucie International Photography Award, Format Photography Festival and exhibited in the Brighton Photography Biennial, the largest photography festival in the UK .

Pursuing ideas that profoundly influence the pattern of life in the places they are found, the essence of creative inspiration is enshrined through simplicity.

Digitally-conversant and internationally-conscious by nature,’ multi-media practice establishes collaborative dialogue with creatives in order to tell their inspiring stories in both still and moving image. The results are seen in print, on screen and online. Advanced post-production services enhance what’s seen in the camera’s eye, turning a photograph into a story in itself.

Transparency in approach, planning and delivery is a core principle, confidently and competitively drawing a line between the expectations of clients and the outcome.

Through the lens of, world-leading architects, interior designers, engineers and artists express freedom, a sense of belonging and the precision functionality of their meticulously planned projects, whether they are developed for the cultivation of knowledge, simple utility, commercial exchange or as havens of contemplation. Global clients seeking a sense of commercial sensitivity combined with artistry find those essentials with