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Fred Aldous x Lazerian x G.F Smith

Second part of a recent commission by G.F Smith, in aid of Paper City for Hull, UK City of Culture 2017.

In between setting up lights inside shop window and positioning camera from the pavement, while waiting for the window dressing to finish, a designer and I managed a short conversation on photography cost and copyright, 

Gathered from her questions, there seemed to be opaque understanding how photographers charge, with little explanation available publicly; then, she wanted to own the copyright. 

Coincidentally, I've answered her first question under "Rates" to an extent. Regarding copyright, I briefly narrowed the answer down to "present and future commercial value" of the work we create. Similar to mergers & acquisitions, seller expects a buyer premium for the values of tomorrow, negotiation helps find the right premium for both parties. Copyright, or the value of copyright represents that fine balance in this equation.

I did raise the question on "necessity of copyright", given the finite lifespan of a product or design.

I hope that gave her some food for thought, she certainly gave mine something to digest.

First part of the commission will be revealed soon.