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A collection of anecdotes, stories & experiences told through the words of strangers and viewfinders, from Manchester architectural photographer Gu's work and travel.

Imperial War Museum North

Click here to view the architecture photography of the building.

The first time I was overwhelmed by an architect's imagination took place at this very spot.

I couldn't fathom the shape of the building at all, nor how the exterior shapes the inside.

Disoriented, somewhat confused, I escaped inside to see Don McCullin's photography exhibition, only to be sucked in by the vast volume. The ceiling seemed so far out of reach, disappearing into the darkness, the sombre atmosphere felt almost suffocating. 

An experience I've never felt before, not even the Berlin Jewish Museum crafted by the same mind.

Many visits over the years, this space carved out of thin air embraces every exhibition in its unique ways, perhaps that's where the real legacy lies?