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Forestaria Azienda Agricola

With rooster's first morning crow, sun slowly climbs up the Tuscan hills. By the time the distant church bell reached us, first ray of light already beamed down the olive grove.

This was how I woke up to our first Tuscan morning, in the comfort of Forestaria farm house.

Our host Eleonora travelled extensively in Europe for a couple of years before going to university, she needed time to find out how exactly university can benefit her life. She then worked as an architect for three years after graduation, before she traded it all in, for a derelict farm house with partner Marco 14 years ago. They never looked back.

Forestaria Azienda Agricola stands at the top of the Tuscan hillside near village Matraia, 14km from city of Lucca. The farm house has been sympathetically restored and extended to a homey B&B, showcases much of original features, yet provides a comfy, modern living.

In addition, 5 hectare olive grove generates majority of the income, allows them with one or two months uninterrupted travel after harvest, every year.

The way of the good life attracts people here every year, as well as thousands of couples who come here to tight the knot, they have neighbours from the UK, US, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavian countries and further afield, yet only a local can tell you who's selling what, everything also comes under the strict conservation law that protects the region.

The good life is a simple life, without distraction, enriches mind and body. One day, I hope to build my own good life.

Wouldn't you?