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Allianz, formerly AGF, Bordeaux

Designed by architect Louis Arretche, founder of SCPA Arretche Karasinski, Paris, the project consists two buildings making up the whole was initially only one building, the assembly of 3 crosses. They were split in two at the request of Jean Willerval , architect coordinator of the operation of the quarter of Mériadeck.

The "simple" building (in opposition to the double building) was for a certain period rented to the General Council.

A structure in beams-brackets made of prestressed clear concrete made it possible to realise wide overhangs of more than 7 meters. The shape and the surface treatment of these beams clearly reflect their bearing function. On the front are cabochons (black half-spheres), a system for fixing the tension cables of pre-stressed beams.

The overhangs of the overhangs are clad with moulded concrete casing.