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commercial / editorial / art Commissions

  • Architectural photography

  • Interior architecture photography

  • Environmental portrait photography

  • Art & design photography

  • Filmmaking & aerial work

  • Digital post production, both still and motion


Image licensing

From self initiated projects and past commissions, all images are available to license for editorial & commercial use, T&C’s apply.

  • Single image licence starts from £50

  • Multiple image set licensing (bulk discount)

  • Perpetual licences



My fee is calculated based on the following criteria:

  • Intended usage and delivery deadline

  • Production & post production time

  • Level of production equipment

  • Syndicate use for other participating partners, likely to reduce costs for each party

No two projects are the same, the following information and my experiences can help accurately estimate the overall costs.

  • Site plan with elevation drawings / renders where possible

  • Advance site visit to ensure the best possible vantage points and lighting conditions if applicable

  • Busy / quiet periods for the level of site activity required


camera equipment & lighting

Based on subject matter, site condition, client budget, and intended use for the images, we use the right camera systems for your projects.

  • Full frame 35mm digital camera system with perspective controlled lenses

  • Medium format analogue camera system with 6x7 or 6x9 film formats

  • Digital medium format system with ultra high resolution images (hire)

  • Battery powered location flash lighting or HMI daylight balanced light (hire)

  • Macbook Pro for location tethered shooting & on site backup


post production & File delivery

  • Digital retouching, colour management and file optimisation for web, social media & print

  • Video editing & colour grading

  • All files are delivered digitally via our secure server, 24/7 access within the licensing period